Release Notes

September 27, 2018
  • Improves consistency across various timezones
  • Changing transaction category autosaves instead of requiring a second button press
  • Categories and category groups can now be added on mobile
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that caused a checkbox to display on transactions that haven't been saved yet
September 15, 2018
  • .QFX and .OFX file importing has been added
  • Speeds up the processing time for adding large numbers, when recalculating
  • Improves list performance for payee lists with more than 2,000 entries
  • Smoother performance when switching between different pages
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that caused the "Remaining" column to remain at 0 if there were several rows within one category group
  • Fixed bug that caused a duplication of the budgeted amount if the first time hadn't saved yet
  • Fixed issue that caused YNAB imports to not send any emails upon success or failure
September 04, 2018
  • Adds support for multiple budgets with separated settings
  • Adds budget management (switching between budgets/deleting budgets)
  • Adds payee management system (delete-only for now)
  • Adds currency symbol for the Philippine peso
  • Adds expand/collapse all button at the top of the Budget screen
  • Decimal place is now added when missing for better input consistency and visual feedback
  • Significant performance improvements in the Budget screen, especially around entering and autosaving data
  • Continued improvements with the YNAB import process
  • The month highlight in the top-right of the Budget screen has been fixed to remove the small gaps it had
  • Switching from desktop to mobile view will now force the mobile view instead of breaking it
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue that caused Add Account button to break in smaller resolutions
  • Fixed bug that caused budgeted amounts to sometimes double up on fast entry
August 29, 2018
  • Shortened row height in transaction list to reduce wasted space
  • Future transactions are once again separated in the account page, distinct from the current transactions
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed issue that caused subcategories to start off collapsed when creating a new category
  • Deleted all blank payees, and fixed bug that caused this from happening again
  • Fixed bug that prevented transactions from affecting budgeted activity all the time
  • Fixed bug that didn't update sidebar balance for certain account types and transactions
  • Fixed bug that prevented a payee from showing up in the Payee list after being created
August 28, 2018
  • Hotkeys for adding new transactions: ALT+N for a new transaction, and ALT+T to start a transfer
  • Negative numbers can now be entered into the "budgeted" columns
  • Add visual indicator (red coloring) for negative balances in the sidebar
  • Add visual indicators for the net balance displayed in the Account page
  • Transaction workflow has been overhauled and streamlined with autofocus, going to the next field on Enter, and allowing for easier editing
  • Datepicker in the Budget screen now starts on the same month you are currently viewing. For example, viewing September will open the datepicker starting that month
  • Moved the Save Transaction button inline, underneath the transaction row itself
  • YNAB imports are now case insensitive for account and payee names
  • YNAB imports now categorize transfer transactions as "Transfer: [Account Name]" instead of leaving it uncategorized, since YNAB exports those with a blank category
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the YNAB import process to fail due to a transaction with an empty payee or inflow/outflow field
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash/blank screen when entering a payee name
  • Fixed a bug that caused a newly created payee name to either not be saved, or not be selected
  • Fixed bug that caused credit card activity to not be reflected in the "Amount Due" column on the Budget page
  • Fixed bug that caused the menu collapse icon in the sidebar to slide down when clicked
August 23, 2018
  • Allow accounts to start with negative balances
  • Adds option to import from YNAB as comma or tab delimiter
  • Subscription management flow has been totally revamped with new styling
  • Can change or cancel subscription, and view invoice/trial information
  • Tweaked import process for less errors
  • Emails will now be sent out specifying if an import error occurred, instead of a catch-all email regardless of the outcome
  • Changes "Category" button in Budget screen to "Category Group" for streamlined process
  • Darkened Category Group row colors to separate them more from subcategories
  • Indented subcategories to further differentiate from Category Groups
  • Updated New Account dialog box with cleaner styles, and preparations for bank sync feature
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that caused a white screen to appear when uploading too many files at once
  • Fixed bug that didn't acknowledge lifetime memberships and allowed for other plan subscriptions
  • Tweaked "Budgeted" column to reduce chance of a double-save
August 16, 2018
  • Add YNAB import
  • Add YNAB4 import
  • Add currency support for CHF, SEK, NOK, KRW, RUB, and ZAR
  • Adds sticky headers and resizeable column widths to account page
  • Add pagination and performance improvements to handle large numbers of transactions easier
  • Budget rows no longer expand automatically when entering data into another row
  • Improved account and budget performance on mobile, to handle potentially large history via YNAB imports
  • Handle server errors more gracefully in account page
  • Laid groundwork for transaction filtering (coming soon in a future release)
  • Streamlined the YNAB import process so it ignores duplicate transactions
Bugs Fixed
  • Numbers are no longer rounded, which were causing calculation errors due to large decimal places
  • Fixed bug that prevented a payee from being created all the time
  • Fixed bug that caused a payee to be saved multiple times
  • Fixed bug that displayed a blank payee immediately after creating one
  • Fixed bug that caused a payee from a previous month's transaction to not be edited without crashing
  • Fixed bug that caused Left to Budget amount to either double up or double down when moving into the next month
  • Fixed bug that caused the app to crash when adding a new transaction without a category and/or payee
August 06, 2018
  • Forgot password flow has been implemented
  • Removed duplicate values, transfers (lateral moves), and initial balances from inflow/outflow reporting
  • Added a "Report a Bug" link to the sidebar for easier communication
  • Sidebar is now scrollable in case account list overflows
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow notes to be saved with a transfer
  • Fixed bug that prevented payee from being created on mobile, with new transactions
  • Remove error code from transfer transactions on mobile
  • Fixed issue that caused currency formatting to be ignored on mobile transactions
  • Fixed bug that caused only one category to display in dropdown
  • Fixed bug that caused balances carried forward to double in value
July 30, 2018
  • Added missing favicon
  • Added missing decimals to amounts that were saved without any
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that didn't tally amounts budgeted to credit cards
  • Fixed bug that caused inflows, transfers and uncategorized transactions to not count towards a credit card's activity column
  • Fixed timezone issue that caused transactions to be saved to tomorrow near the end of a day
  • Fixed bug that always caused transfers to post tomorrow
  • Fixed bug that prevented commas in credit card budgeted column
July 29, 2018
  • Added Yen to currency symbols
  • Added Help Center and Release Notes links to sidebar inside app
  • Streamlined user signup process by logging user in upon registration
  • Added compatibility with password managers so they correctly store credentials
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that caused credit card activity to remain after deletion
  • Fixed LTB bug that occurred when budgeting down to zero
  • Fixed bug that prevented > 999 being entered when decimal was delimited with comma
  • Fixed issue that allowed negative numbers to be entered
  • Fixed bug that caused a credit card's budgeted amount to be counted towards the budget's "Remaining" column
July 28, 2018
  • Added Indian Rupee to currency symbols
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug that didn't refresh the account page or balances
  • Fixed issue that caused an extra "00" to be appended to EU currencies
  • Fixed issue that caused "Left to Budget" to display in the billions. If it still shows for you, try entering a few transactions and editing a few budgeted amounts, then refresh.
  • Fixed bug that didn't remove budgeted amounts after deleting a credit card account
  • Deleting accounts now refresh balances and sidebar automatically
  • Account balances now update without requiring manual refresh
  • Email verification deliverability issues have been resolved